Interview de notre Job Member Jean MULIN

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Interview de notre Job Member Jean MULIN

Interview of salesman Jean MULIN (Studio Josepho)

Interviews are back  in Wereso Lyon space ! Today, we asked some questions to Jean, who is salesman in Studio  Josepho company.

Jean, can you tell us about your activity ? 

I am in an agency which rent Photo Booth to companies events or private events. 

After being well-etablished in Paris and Bordeaux, we decided to implant a new agency in Lyon.

We are an agency which is characterized by innovation as our actual flagship product, the Photo Booth, is a connected booth. Users are able to take selfies with personnalized filters (like Snapchat) and send it themselves by e-mail or SMS.

What is the interest for the company to have that sort of product? 

The company can improve it visibility with shares in social networks after events.
Moreover, she is able to retrieve users datas who accepting it by ticking the "I accept the conditions" box. The company can analyse very exactly the digital influence generate by the shares: the datas are measured and quantifiable.

What was the course of your traininand professional career before arriving here? 

I have a Master Degree after a trainig course in Grenoble Business School, with a sales specialization. I finished my studies in June of 2017.
I had made a gap year, in the aim to make an internship in a consulting firm where I made commercial prospection. Then I have worked in Brand&Celebrities where I was the right-hand man of the CEO.
After that, I finished my trainee and was employed in Studio Josepho.

Why did you choosed Weréso ?

I wanted to have a private office with other workers from different sectors. I had tried the home office, next I had installed in a coworking space but peoples where not professionnal enought. In Weréso I found peoples with same spirit; that's why I choosed this coworking space, besides the premises which are magnificent.

Can you tell us 2 qualities and 2 defects ?

I hate this question ! 2 qualities : (he is hesitant) curious and smiling? 2 defects : (he is hesitant too) eager and .. I need a lot of fluancy before beginning any project I can have. If I do not have a mastery of all details and subtletyt, I can not afford to start project.

What are your life's aim ?

First of all I want to have fun at work. That's why I would like, one day, to create my company. Why? Because create his own firm, it is creating his playind field. A game but a serious game.
Otherwise I just want to be happy, and visiting a spanish-speaker country.

Thanks to Jean for this interview ! You can find Studio Josepho's website here, and also the Facebook page and Instagram account !

If you want tou contact Jean; send us an e-mail here as we forward it to him. 

A first overview of photo booth !  : 

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