weréso® Academy

The weréso academy is a valuable opportunity to interact with likeminded professionals who represent all different sectors and backgrounds. Once per week, come to discuss and share your ideas centered around a chosen theme—from human resources management to startup financing, no subject is off limits as long as it is pertinent to your professional endeavors and can facilitate potential collaboration between participants.

weréso® Academy, but what is it really?

The weréso Academy serves to embody the very spirit that drives the weréso community: human interaction.

When social savvy meets expert know-how in the context of an open forum.

Armand Verger
Founder of weréso®

The concept

Marketing, Legal, HR, Web, Organisation—field experts and business leaders join us each Thursday to interact and share!

For those in attendance, it is a time to absorb, to broaden our perspectives, and to discover new personalities. An opportunity to exchange business cards, certainly, but beyond that, a real chance to collaborate!

150 weréso®
Academy sessions
1200 participants
5000 business
card exchanges
2000 pastries

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