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Did you know that? 5 years ago weréso opened its first coworking space in Lille!

Thanks to the ambitions, dreams and objectives of its founder Armand Verger and an overmotivated team, weréso was born 5 years ago in Lille, grew up in Paris-Châtelet, spread out to Lyon, Marseille and Colombes, and deployed in Valenciennes. What pride!

But all this would have been impossible without you, coworkers and jobmembers who believed in us, worked in our spaces, participated in our events and contributed to the success of our beautiful entrepreneurial project.

That’s why today, for our 5th anniversary, we want to share with you what we work for every day together and what is important to us.

weréso: our values

The positive job attitude, sincerity and freedom are founding pillars of our vision of coworking.

We strive to create a motivating atmosphere through daily communication. The positive job attitude leads to productivity and we encourage coworkers to move, network, ask, question, help each other and we will always be there to support them.

We believe it is important to allow a lot of freedom and space both in the coworkers’ minds and in their working environment. To feel free is to feel at ease with other coworkers and our team. This is why our site allows everyone to browse through the different places on offer.

It is with sincerity that we want every jobmember to find a good balance between personal and professional life within our place.

Since 5 years: our commitment

Every day, and for 5 years now, we have been committed to taking you to space!

Harmonious creation of space, decorated walls, illuminated ambiance, we wish to give you maximum clarity, inspiration and motivation thanks to a spacious environment for ever more productivity at work.

Because we believe that space can be shared if you put your heart and all the necessary energy into it, we put the best of ourselves to motivate you to work in conditions worthy of modern and comfortable coworking.

We are committed to staying in tune with what surrounds us and those we welcome. For a responsible way of working in our coworking spaces, meeting rooms, offices and shared spaces, we will continue to adapt our environment with an ecological and responsible approach: make room for glass, sorting, recycling and green plants in our spaces!


Weréso Lille was built with a desire to mark the network spirit from the moment we entered our premises.

Nothing is left to chance and everything has been thought out to live in a network and create its own panel of meetings. The network is you, with us it’s you, so we offer you a dynamic and professional network oriented website.

And since we like to share, we will continue to organize festive events such as the weréso sale, Christmas and many others.  

Finally, the weréso Academy is also a great time for exchange. This is an opportunity to meet professionals who have come to lead conferences or workshops. Open to all, the Weréso Academy allows you to learn more about various subjects, to discuss with the speakers and to broaden your horizons.

A big thank you to all those who follow us in the continuous improvement of weréso. It is a pleasure to welcome you, to motivate you and to share with you! Because we see things in a big way, we can say it: we intend to blow out many more candles with you, thanks to you, for you! #hereweshare

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